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11 Things a Poker Beginner Should Remember

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There are a lot of hidden dangers of being a live and online casino poker player that the player will never even consider as a problem or danger themselves.

These problems include losing hold of their money and getting a lot of online debts while they are continuing losing and getting nothing from their game. If you are good poker player or if you are a beginner in the game, there are of things that players should remember so that they will not encounter these problems.

1st, players must practice how to manage their bankroll. You should avoid making outlandish plays. You should only play within your capacity.

2nd, hire an accountant to track your money so that you know what you in taxes and where your money is going.

3rd, write your entire source of income in your tax returns. Do not make the Internal Revenue Service come after you.

4th, do not give out money even to your closest friends. It is a bad practice.

5th, set a limit for your gambling sessions. If you play long hours, you will not be able play well.

6th, you should also exercise and eat the right kind of food. If you just sit at your computer whole day, you are not doing any good to yourself.

7th, go out of your house once and in a while. Get a life besides playing online.

8th, if you are still studying and you want to drop out of school to concentrate in your game, DONT. Your mentality maybe that why would you want to stay in school if you can earn a lot of money by playing online. By finishing your degree, you have something that you can fall back on. What will happen to you when you drop out of school but failed to make it as a poker pro?

9th, take the opportunity to travel around the world by participating in poker tournaments in different countries. It can help you experience new things.

10th, devote sometime with your family. Take some days off from your job and let your love ones know that you are free. Do not sacrifice your family time just because of playing online.

11th, remember to save and invest what you earn from playing. Invest your money in some mutual funds and buy things that you will need in the long run. Secure your future when you are still earning a substantial amount of money.

There you go; 11 steps to happy online poker play.