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Aggressive Play in Poker

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Most poker players are familiar with the popular thinking that being aggressive and having an aggressive play most of the time is the path to success. This is a widespread belief, proliferated by experts and strategy tips that concerns with poker and no one can blame this phenomenon since it seems to be aligned with common sense and after all, aggressiveness has always been associated with success even in other endeavors other than poker.

But is aggressive play really the winning style it is touted by everyone to be? The concept of playing aggressive is so inculcated in every poker player’s psyche that the reason why it is effective (if it is actually effective in the first place) is much clouded.

Aggressive play focuses on betting and raising in lieu of checking or calling aside from other aspects that a particular poker session has. The two constant feature of aggressive play – betting and raising, is very important.

Raising allows one to increase the total amount in the pot when one is in the possession of a good hand. Even with a poor hand, raising can still be helpful as raising aggressively can drive an opponent with a better hand out of the round. The same is the case with betting aggressively and when combined with raising, comes aggressive play.

Aggressively at its core is all about the control of the hand as one who plays aggressively will be in situations such as when one is checked upon by other players, a situation where one is in full control as one can choose whether to increase the pot or get a free card instead. Cases such as this are where the benefits of aggressively play are highlighted but most do not pay attention to the negative effects of playing aggressively that come up every now and then.

Aggressive play earns unwarranted attention from other players in the table and most of the time it is not a good thing. Good poker players who notices such style of play will surely take advantage of it and try to trap aggressive players.

It is likely that they will just call whenever an aggressive player bets since they know that that player will bet again anyway. Trapping an aggressor is done through check raising most of the time. A good player will check initially but raise later on to trap an overtly aggressive opponent. These are the effects of playing with too much aggression and this must be accounted for by those who espouse such style of play since the possible ramifications of playing aggressively are bad for those who blindly follow it.

Aggressive play has its good points and those points for following it makes playing aggressively a wise choice. However, one must remember that playing aggressively all the time will surely lead to some terrible loses at some point and aggressive players must come into terms with this fact and address it so as to avoid such losses that stems from overt aggression in the poker table.