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Backgammon Game Plans

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Backgammon is a game that requires strategy and tactics and not just relying on pure luck to win a game. Since strategic play is a huge part of backgammon, players should be aware of the different game plans available. These backgammon game plans may include a combination of checker play, blocking, and hitting.

The first game plan is pretty basic since the first impression of backgammon we get is that of a race. The racing game is the very first strategy every player will think of. Though not all games will end up in a race, every player should learn the specific ideas that go along with a racing game. You can expect to play a racing game any time and be prepared to execute this strategy very well.

A racing game usually starts when there is no longer any opportunity to block or hit your opponent’s checkers. This means that there is no longer any point of contact between your checkers and the opposing side. One basic skill you should learn is how to do a pip count. The player who leads in the pip count usually is the favorite to win in a backgammon racing game.

One move you can make during a game of backgammon is to land one your checkers on a single opposing checker all alone on a point on the board. This is called a hit and there is a game plan that makes full use of this strategy. If you hit an opposing checker, you get to send that checker back to the very start (actually, these checkers get sent to the bar).

The blitz (a.k.a. the attacking game) is based on this particular strategy. The idea behind this game plan is to hit as much of your enemy’s men if you can. You really say that this type of game plan is quite aggressive and committal.

A holding game is like a racing game but with a few modifications to the original idea. In a racing game, both players engage in a race to the finish. A holding game does the same except that you or both you and your opponent control a point in the opposing side. The added strategy is to prevent your opponent from either bearing off or entering the home board.

A backgame is a game plan that most players prefer to use when all hope is lost. Your opponent is close to home and your only way to oppose are four (at least) checkers controlling two points on the opposing home board. The idea behind this game plan is to hit a checker and contain it and catch up in the race.

A priming game is a game plan that builds on the premise of making blocking points. The strategy employed here is to line up blocking points so your opponent’s men can’t escape. A wall of blocking points is called a prime.

There is a high probability that you’ll use a strategy mentioned above. Just remember that backgammon is a strategy game, not just a race riding your luck.