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Basic Backgammon Positions and Strategy

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During the course of a game of backgammon players will often start off with one strategy and switch off to the next just to retake the lead or take advantage of a situation. When your current strategy isn’t working then it may be time for it to evolve into another strategy just to catch up with your opponent. We’ll go over the each basic strategy that you can shift to.

Since we may be required to shift to a different basic strategy or position during the course of a backgammon game we need to understand each basic strategy or position. We may not always have the upper hand in game of backgammon so it is useful to have a plan to fall back on just in case.

The easiest strategy that any backgammon player can go for is a running game. A game of backgammon can turn into a running game (or pure race) when there is no longer any possible interaction of both players’ checkers. Since there is no longer any possibility to hit or block the other player’s backgammon checkers the game then turns into a race.

Another position you might find yourself in is when you have moved both your back checkers to your mid-point. In reply, your opponent takes control of a high anchor. This could be your four-point, five-point or bar-point on the backgammon board. Both you and your opponent will be in striking distance if any checker crosses over.

A variant of the holding game strategy previously mentioned is when you and your opponent have set up high anchors. Both have a strong position in this strategy and have good chances of hitting enemy checkers. Some players have called this position the mutual holding game.

A game of backgammon can also turn into a position where one player holds a low anchor and the other has escaped both back men. In this situation, the player holding the anchor needs make more points on the home board and to hit an enemy blot later in the game.

The blitz is a backgammon strategy that focuses on hitting enemy checkers. The idea is to send your opponent’s checkers to the bar and contain them in your home board.

The priming game is a strategy where both players have made a row of points. They serve as a blockade trapping their opponent’s checkers.

The back game is a strategy that involves controlling two or more checkers in your opponent’s home board in an attempt to hit later in the game.

There are times when you have to switch from one strategy to another strategy in backgammon. You may at times go from blitz to a high anchor position or from priming game to a back game. It is worth your while to study each basic position and strategy in backgammon.