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Etiquettes to Remember When at the Poker Table

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Poker, aside from being the popular card game that everyone plays, is also a form of social interaction and as such, it is an activity where the etiquettes of society are observed and followed. There are many who are forgetting this fact which is understandable since poker is a pastime for most people and pastimes are meant to be activities where one relaxes and forgets all inhibitions. But still, it is best if one is to abide with such norms as doing so will not only benefit one but also the other players who are also at the poker table. As such, here some poker etiquette to bear in mind when one is playing the popular card game everyone loves.

Play at an even pace

This is an etiquette beginners and, at sometimes, even seasoned veterans are prone to forget. Poker may be a game of skill where planning and strategy are vital but it does not mean that one can eat up the time of others. As much as possible, avoid taking your turn too long as it not only invites the contempt of other players but doing so also sucks the thrill out of the game.

Do not splash the pot

This is another etiquette many are guilty of not following all the time. Perhaps this is because of frequent media portrayals of players in poker games looking so cool while tossing their bet into the pot which seems to suggest that doing that kind of thing is acceptable which is in fact, the opposite.

Splashing the pot not only reeks of rudeness but it also shows how ignorant is one of simple courtesies.

Play only in one’s turn

Betting or raising when it is not one’s turn is something many players are guilty of. Perhaps they are just so eager to put their bet into the post as they have something that is a sure winner in their hand but nonetheless, doing something when it not one’s turn will not only signal information to other players as to what your hands is, it will also disturb the natural flow of things in the session.

Be magnanimous in victory, graceful in defeat

In this era where everything seems to be loud, this etiquette is easy to forget. Today, it does not matter whether one wins or loses as it is sure that there will always be trash-talking involved whenever a poker session ends. One who is guilty of this should stop it immediately as such behavior is unacceptable particularly in high-level games where such rubbish manners have no place.

Following these poker etiquettes will not only make one’s games orderly and without malice but also make one earn the respect of one’s peers in the game.