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Poker Terms for First Timers

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Have you been wondering how to play poker? Learn to master the rules. But, it would not hurt if you start with the basic terms in Poker. This would give you sufficient background as you master the skills of a poker player.

Action- Action refers to your chance to make a move. Once you seem to forget to act, your fellow player or even the dealer would remind you of your action. When you make such, this could either be in the form of bets or raises.

All in- All in means you no longer have chips to bet.

Burn- Burn is the act of getting rid of the topmost card on the deck. This is done for security purposes in case any player catches a glimpse of the topmost card.

Buy- Buy refers to the act of betting

Call- When you call, you are putting a certain amount of money which is the same as the current bet.

Check- Check in poker has two meanings. It means you are not betting while the other refers to poker chips.

Community Cards- Community Cards are those cards which are exposed and placed at the middle of the table.

Dog- Dog refers to an “underdog.”

Fast- Fast means you are making an aggressive bet or raise.

Maniac- Maniac is the term used to players who keep on making aggressive betting and raising.

Muck- Muck refers to the cards which have not been used in the game. This pile is placed in front of the dealer.

No limit- No limit is a kind of poker which allows player to bet as many chips as he wants.

Outrun- Outrun means the player’s ability to beat another player.

Overcard- An overcard is a card which has the highest value on the board.

Pocket- Your pocket refers to the unique cards that you have not revealed to other players.

Post- A player makes a post when he decides to make a blind bet.

Rake- This is the income generated by the cardroom. The dealer takes out a certain amount of money from a pot.

Rank- A rank refers to the value of a certain card.

Second pair- This refers to the pair consisting of a card that has second highest value on the flop.

Tell- Tell means the player’s clues to give his opponents a chance to take a glimpse of what his actions are going to be.

Toke- Toke is a certain amount of money which the winner gives to the dealer when he wins the pot.