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How To Start Playing Texas Hold Em Poker

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Texas hold em poker is a beginner’s choice of poker game to learn. This is because the Texas hold em poker is easier to learn by a beginner player in comparison to other forms of poker games. Learning to calculate the odds and counting the cards on Texas hold em poker is easier for a novice player to understand.

Playing Texas hold em poker online is a good start to learn the game. There are numerous online gaming sites to choose from and begin to learn the game. In fact, there are free gaming rooms for Texas hold em poker that offer interactive game with useful information citing the game strategies involved when playing the game and a variety of tips to follow to help one understand how the Texas hold em poker is played.

Basically, for those intending to learn the Texas hold em poker game, it is necessary to start from understanding how the game is played. The structure of the game is usually composed of two players with one dealer handing out the cards. A predetermined amount is laid as the Texas hold em poker game begins and is usually called as posting the blinds. 52 playing cards are used which the dealer shuffles and hand out two cards for each player face down. These are the pocket card of the players.

The pre-flop begins where the round of betting between players commences. The betted amount involved with Texas hold em poker will usually depend on the kind of betting structure used. This may be a high limit involving higher stakes while low limit involved a lower stakes. Some games are agreed to be on a fixed limit where a determined amount of money is already set. A spread limit is often used where the players are allowed to bet within certain range amount of money. Oftentimes, a pot limit is followed where the amount betted is between the amount of the big blind and the pot size. A half pot limit is the same as the pot limit only the amount is between the big blind and only half the pot size. No limit usually involves betting between the big blind and all the money laid on the table in every round games of hold em poker.

Players can decide to call, raise or fold. A burn card is done where the top card of the deck is discarded by the dealer after each game round to prevent cheating. The flop card is then handed out to each player. These are the three cards that are laid face up that can be used in combination of the first 2 cards handed out. Round of betting then takes place again and the dealer will hand out the sixth card (turn card) to each player in order to form a five card poker hand. Betting rounds again commence until the dealer finally hand out the final card called the river. Players will decide to use either the five cards on the table or the pocket cards in order to form a five card poker hand. The final betting round follows.

The showdown finally begins where each player reveals their cards and the hold em poker player with the best hand wins. Hold em poker is a game that is easily played but usually difficult to master. However, because of the many online games available now, you can begin practicing the game online to master the game prior to betting real money. This will help you have a good start learning the Texas hold em poker game.