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Use Poker Tells to Your Advantage

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One of the most important skills in poker is the ability to read “Poker Tells”. Successful poker players know how to use poker tells for their own advantage.

Poker tells are any kind of behavior, habit and even physical reaction that tells something about them. It tells something about the player if he or she is tensed, afraid, winning and even loosing.

Body language can tell you about the person’s secret at the moment, as well as his or her habit. The movement of the eyes may tell you something apart from what he or she is saying.

Poker tells can give you advantages if you know how to look for them.

Each player has their own unique way of giving poker tells. Some are trained to cover their poker tells from other players.

There are two kinds of poker tell, the ones that says they have a good hand and the other says that they have a bad hand. The following are common poker tells that you must know and master:

Most positive Poker Tells are the following:

1. Player is acting as if he or she is not interested in a hand while at play.

This usually means that he or she has a strong hand; he or she is just pretending not to scare other players.

2. Hands shaking.

A winning player is always tensed.

3. The breathing pattern is fast.

Other players can control their hands from shaking but other can’t control how they breathe. As if their heart is racing inside.

4. Player is shrugging and sighing.

Some player tends to over-react if they are winning. This is their way of saying they have a string hand.

5. Constantly looking at their chips and at their hand.

Player with strong hand tends to increase their bets; this is why they are looking from their hand to their chips.

Negative Poker Tells:

1. A player staring at his or her opponent.

This is another way to bluff. The player is trying to put up a strong attitude while the truth is that he or she has a weak hand.

2. A player holding his or her breath.

Players who are not used to loosing may tend to hold his or her breath.

Poker tells can tell you a lot of things. If you are not so familiar with most of the poker tells, we suggest that you concentrate on the eyes first.

Eyes can tell you the things you wanted to know. We all know that eyes don’t lie, that is why most poker players wear sunglasses or caps to hide their eyes.

Facial expression is another poker tells that people can’t lie about. Their first reaction to things says a lot of things about their hand.

Body posture may vary from hand to hand. A strong hand may keep them alert and aggressive while a weak hand may cause them to slouch. Attitude changes as well. A good mood can affect their attitude as well as their bad mood.

Watch all this poker tells and use them to your advantage.